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Please check the sheep page for more information on ewes for sale,  other photos,  and their lambing records!

Bria is a Grey Badger ewe. Her fleece is very soft but felts very easily. She has brown, black and white piebald in her background. She is a triplet who as produced 3-4-3-4-1-(4)record.

I like the way this boy is put together. He is strong well built and will have nice muscling. He only has one flaw.... his fleece doesnt stay consistent down by his rear legs.

This is one of the best lambs i have produced all season. I am very happy with this ewe and decided to keep her brother. She is long and excellent conformation. Her fleece is going to be amazing.

These lambs are 75% finn and 25% cotswold. I can't wait to see their fleeces. 

These will make great additions to any fiber or meat flock!

$325 with registration papers

This photo doesn't show it but she has a true dark brown fleece. Her staple, crimp are beautiful! She has a great finn character with an overall finn appearance. She stands strong on all 4 feet and legs. She has a 2-3-3-1 lambing record.

More information coming on these twin ram lambs. 

Both have nice long loins and stand well. I thick one will have a bit more muscling than the other.

This is one of my best ram lambs of this year. Over all excellent structure and fleece consistency. 

This Lamb is a cross between a cotswold and a clun forest. She is the youngest and is larger than all of my lambs this year already. I'm guessing at 4 weeks she weighs around 50 lbs! I almost decided to keep this ewe lamb based on that but really would like to see her add to a meat flock as a brood ewe.

Water Lily we got in 2018. She has a great staple with a large amount of crimp! She has excellent finn character with an overall finn appearance. She has a 2-(2+) lambing record.

These boys will bring number to any flock. Both have really nice fleece and I am very happy with these lambs. He is large with a uniform fleece. Though across the backline it might be open.... will know more as he ages. 

This is one of my best ram lambs of this year. Over all excellent structure and fleece consistency. 

This is a very nice looking cotswold.I am very proud of this breeding. He has consistent fleece through his rear. Strong stance with good muscling.

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