You will enjoy our goat's milk laundry detergent, it's gentle enough for sensitive skin but highly effective. All ingredients are eco friendly and biodegradable- which means your clothes get clean without polluting the environment or irritating sensitive skin. It will even power through muddy farm pants! Since it does not contain artificial surfactants it will not get as sudsy as traditional detergents. Safe for front loading washers as well as septic systems.


We can also make them with out Borax if requested. The goats milk soap we make right here on our farm!


DIRECTIONS: Use one tablespoon per load. If it is a particularly dirty load add one or two more scoops. 42-48oz = 90-160 loads!

The Large Plastic Jar is $18 but shipping cost more for this one. So I have updated the price to add the shipping cost, so the other sizes aren't affected.


NEW: I am now offering a plastic bag refill. It is $0.46 per oz. Anything over 12oz I can do up too 300 oz in one bag.

Goats Milk Laundry Soap Detergent

  • Laudry Soap is none refundable.

    If somethings happens in shipping you must send pictures and a replacement will be sent once the shipping service has refunded the shipping cost.