CSA Shares

Our heritage sheep are fed grain as well as free choice hay and pasture. We lease 20 acres of pasture for the summer.

If you are looking for just pasture raised or a gain x hay/pasture combo, please reach out. We are happy to work with you! We raise 3 different breeds as well as a few crosses. We keep each breed separate to compare flavors.

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We raise Heritage Gloucestershire Old Spot  and Berkshire cross pigs on 1/2 acre of wooded pasture.  Our pork is dark with marbling, has a succulent texture, and far more flavorful than commercial pork. Our pigs are not fed grain like big factory farms. They get hay, roots, bark, pasture, food scraps, and garden scraps.

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We raise pasture broilers. They are fed grain, bugs, grass, and garden scraps. They are grown out in chicken tractors unless they break their tractors (happens occasionally) then they free roam the yard. Their tractors are moved every day across the yard to get fresh grass and bugs. We also raise roosters for meat. We raise a small number of Turkeys, Ducks and Geese for Thanksgiving and Christmas. PRE-ORDER is a MUST.

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We raise a variety of meat rabbits. Our rabbits are fed Blue Seal Bunny 16 and get hay to munch on. We have 4 breeding females and 2 males. Breeds include: californian, Flemish, Satin, Rex, New Zealand. We can do whole, half, or cuts. We also have bunny pelts available.

CSA Share Available



The acronym CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. Our CSA members pay for an entire season of produce and/or meats up front, thus allowing us to reduce the cost for them significantly. This early bulk payment enables us to plan for the season, purchase new seed, purchase new breeding stock, maintain structures, make equipment repairs and put money aside towards the following CSA season.


Spring CSA

Spring CSA - March -- June

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Summer CSA

Summer CSA - July -- October

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Winter CSA

Winter CSA - November -- February 

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Meat Chicken CSA

We are now offering pasture-raised broiler chickens, where they are raised thriving on pasture with fresh air, grass, insects, NON-GMO grain, soil and sunshine.  In return the chickens help fertilize the yard. These chickens are healthy, fresh, and the best tasting chicken you can buy. 


Supplies are limited and are first come first served.  Purchasing a share means we will reserve the chickens for you.  Whole chickens average 4.5 lbs.  Chicken shares will be pick up here on the farm.


Lamb CSA

We are now offering pasture-raised lamb and mutton. We raise a closed flock of heritage cotswold, clun forest and finn sheep. Through careful selection of only the best traits in our sheep, we have grown our flocks to 40 breeding ewes.  Our flocks  rotationally graze on our leased fields from May until September. As well as grazing our home pasture and are fed free choice hay.  In the late fall and winter months they are fed second cut hay and NON-GMO grain, and free choice minerals.

Please check the sheep page to learn more about different flavors of lamb. If you would like one certain breed, please let us know.


Our free range chickens consume nutrients you can't find in store bought eggs. They dine on food scraps, bugs, non-gmo grain, grass, clover & herbs. This diet will contribute to an egg with a whole lot of flavor.

We never use GMO's or Antibiotics and the chickens diet is all natural. Our birds are truly free range and roam the yard at their own will. This is one reason our eggs have deeper orange yolks with rich flavor rather than pale yellow yolks like store bought eggs.


Pork CSA

We raise Heritage Gloucestershire Old Spot and Berkshire cross pigs on 1/2 acre of wooded pasture.  Our pigs are eager to browse through the grass, shrubs, and soil for worms, roots and grubs. They receive a diverse diet from their pasture and woodland as well as hay, food scraps and garden vegetables. Our pork is dark with marbling, has a succulent texture, and far more flavorful than commercial pork. Our pigs are not fed grain like big factory farms. 

Please check the livestock tab and click on the pig page to learn more about our pigs.