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Our Pigs

Heritage Breed!

We raise Gloucestershire Old Spot  and Berkshire cross pigs. Our boar is 75% old spot and 25% berskhire. Our sows are 75% old spot and 25% tamworth or 75% old sport and 25% berkshire or  92% old spot and 8% tamworth. 

Heritage pigs are known for their ability to thrive outdoors and produce high quality meat.


Pork Shares

Fresh Farm raised Pork at an Affordable Price

We offer Pork Shares and Pork CSA's.


A Pork Share is either a whole, half, or quarter pig given to you all at once.


A Pork CSA is either a half or quarter pig given over the coarse of a few months.


Both reservation options require a deposit.


We do have limits on both options and sell out fast. Please reach out to reserve your spot!




Contact Me to Reserve Piglets Or Pork Share 

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