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Spring CSA

Spring CSA runs from March to July. You will have the option to choose which share you want. We have 4 main CSA share and 1 mix CSA meat share.

A monthly distribution of premium meats: all from right here on our farm!


Each pickup includes 5 lbs. (on average) of a mix of cuts ranging from steaks and chops to ground, ribs and roasts. The large share includes an additional 5 lbs. of ground pork, or pork sausage at each pickup. A small share totals 20 lbs. per season and a large share totals 40 lbs. per season (a season is 4 months long). NO antibiotics and NO growth hormones are used on our animals or in their feed. The beef and lamb are 100% grassfed and finished. Our pigs and Maple Wind’s chickens are also raised on pasture with access to Non-GMO grain. We consistently get rave reviews from our customers about the quality and flavor of our meats - you won't be disappointed!

as giving them a choice in the vegetables and meats they receive. With our new U-PICK share system you have the option of selecting new and exciting products each and every week.

Contact :

Meaghan Audet (Page)

(603) 312-7128 


191 Newton Rd, Brandon VT 05733

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