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Registered Breeding Stock

          I have been raising registered Finn, Cotswold, and Clun Forest sheep since 2006. We are OPP and Johnes Disease tested negative flock of 2016 (2022) . Our regular vaccinations include tetanus, Clostridium perfringens types C and D and rabies. All sheep are dewormed throughout the year as needed based on fecal egg counts and famancha score. Our flock is enrolled in the USDA Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program (Flock NHX0180 and Flock VTX 491).  We also have kept records dating back from 2008.

            Contact us regarding details of animals we have for sale. You are always welcome to pick up at the farm, or we can arrange a pick up at a sheep and wool festival. We regularly attend the New Hampshire and Maryland Sheep and Wool Festivals in May, and many local and state fairs. We can also help arrange shipping across country with other breeders, transporter, or even flying.

​          I have been testing my flock for scrapie code 171. I have many QR AND RR animals. 

Lamb Prices

2023 Lamb Prices

Finnsheep -

reg. rams are $450-$650 (average price $400) reg. ewes are $450-$650 (average price $500)

Finns scrapie code 171        RR - $700        QR -$500      


Cotswold -

We are no longer breeding Cotswolds. We do have 1 ram we are leasing out to breed. He is being kept for his fiber. We may get more Cotswold later in life but not right now.


Clun Forest Sheep-

reg. rams are $350-$450. reg. ewes are $400-$550 


All unregistered lambs - Priority will be given for registered breeding sheep.

rams(finnsheep) $250 each

rams(clun forest and cotswold) $300 each

Ewes are $275-$375. (Will be sold registered first unless unfit)


Discounts -  10% off when 3+ lambs are bought. 4-H and FFA members get 10% off.


TRANSPORTATION CAN BE arranged! All lambs come from a tested flock for OPP and Johnes! 

Bottle lambs - Each year I get a few bottle lambs. For those interested... please send me an email with your information and a reason why you would like a bottle lamb. I am very thorough when screening for new homes for my bottle lambs. Prices are similar to non.reg. sheep.

We are accepting people for our 2023 Waiting Lists

  • Clun Forest - accepting applications

  • Finn - accepting applications

  • Meat lambs- accepting applications

Transportation 2023
  • New England


           Located in New England in the state of New Hampshire, where we have raised quality finn sheep since 2006.  In 2019 we moved to Brandon, Vermont. In 2021 we have moved to our final home on 75 acres in East Dover, Vermont. We raise white, black, brown, fawn, gray, badger, dalmatian spotting and piebald finns. I keep several different bloodlines so we can offer unrelated starter flocks. We breed for productivity, parasite resistant, consistent fleece quality, conformation, more size substance, and my favorite, show quality. We prefer a finn that is big enough to handle quadruplets, with enough milk to raise them with very little human intervention. Our ewes frequently throw triplets and quadtuplets, and they are growing. We like the Finn breed due to the docile, friendly nature of both the rams and the ewes. The lambs are very hardy. Most of our ewes lamb without assistance.  We supplement large litters of lambs twice a day, and leave them on their mothers if possible.​


        The Finnsheep is not a big sheep but it produces a lean, succulent meat with a light, delicate flavor. The meat is sought after by many a gastronome. Due to this breed’s year-round lambing ability, Finn lamb is perfect for any holiday celebration.


        Finnsheep wool has unmistakable luster and softness in all shades of color.  While the fleece is lightweight (5-6 lb.) it is highly praised by hand spinners as it blends easily with other fibers, has a long staple (3-6″), and a wool spinning count in the 50′s (24 to 31 microns) It is suitable for hand-spinning and knitting of outer garments such as sweaters, socks, hats, etc..
        One of my last colors to set in my flock is the dalmatian spotting gene. My last color is the reverse badger. We have a brown reverse badger we are planning to use in 2022.

Clun Forest Sheep

        The whole premise of the Clun Forest breed is based on performance; i.e. prolificacy, mothering, milking, ease of lambing, ease of handling, and longevity. Their conformation should be strong, muscular neck, lengthy good back, deep rib, strong loin, good hock, deep and well-rounded thighs, good through heart, strong bone, standing square on its legs. Cluns have a rich butter fat taste in milk!!!


        Cluns are alert and active, responsive to their surroundings and shepherd–which helps to make them a manageable breed. Their size–ewes tend to run about 130-150 pounds—also makes them easier to handle than some of the more common meat breeds in the U.S. and Canada. Clun rams tend to be gentlemen around their shepherds. Many people are surprised by how easy they are to handle. Nonetheless, they are aggressive breeders and go to work at a young age.


        Clun carcasses are meaty, lean, and consistent. Many breeders find those carcasses an excellent fit for their direct lamb trade. These lambs grow very fast and are very thick!


​        Fleeces average 5 inch staple with a spinning count of 54 to 58 and a micron count of 27-29. The average weight of a Clun Forest fleece is 4-5  lbs, while a lambswool fleece will average 5 lbs.

Freezer Lamb

YES! We can SHIP our frozen lamb to you across the USA!

A fitted insulated box cooler is created for every shipment. Please email us for exact details.


If you would like to order, please contact us directly by email:

or by phone: (603) 312-7128 with a list of cuts and quantities you would like, or complete and mail our order form found in products. We will tell you when your order will be ready and calculate the final price. Orders must be paid for in full before shipping or at time of pick up.


Cracked An Egg Farm is pleased to be able to offer our home-raised lamb for your table. We sell only our own lambs so we can guarantee the care, diet and conditions under which they were grown.


Our lambs are raised on our pastures and supplemented with a corn and grain ratio. The lambs do receive lambhood vaccinations and deworming agents when needed to protect the health of the flock, but they are not given any growth hormones, or fed antibiotics or unnatural feed additives.


We trailer our lambs to the processing facility ourselves to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals. We use only The New England Butcher in Center Barnstead, NH. or Sanford Butcher Shop in Sanford, ME. to process our lambs. They are both a fully USDA inspected facility and do a careful, professional job and are a pleasure to work with. Slaughter is accomplished quickly and humanely. After inspection and cooling, the lambs are processed into the many popular cuts and ground products we offer. All are sealed in clear plastic vacuum wrap to provide shelf life of a year or more.


Slaughter dates for the 2019 season are October,  December and TBA in February 2020. If you need a special order item, we must know before one of the listed slaughter dates. Orders will be filled in the order they are received for as long as supplies last. When an item is sold out for the season a note will be made on the price list below to alert you to that fact.



                           Love your dog?

                      (or other carnivore)

Raw Mutton and bones are available. An excellent source of highly digestible protein, especially useful for animals dealing with sensitive digestion, allergies, advanced age or illness.   $4.99lb. for bones and Mutton TBD

Whole/ Half Lamb - These lambs will be 7-8 months old. $12.50 per lb for whole/ $13.50 per lb for half based on hanging weight; Processing & packaging included.   We have regular butchering every few weeks during the summer.. Average price $600 for 50lbs

Mutton are $10.49 per lb for whole/ $10.99 per lb for half, based on hanging weight . - (available) 
Processing & packaging included for both of the above.

A non-refundable deposit of $100 per lamb is required when ordering, this will be applied to the final cost.


Not sure how to cook lamb, or mutton? Reach out! We have plenty of recipes to share.

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