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Rams and Cross Ewes

Excellent dark brown consistent fleece, with great tight crimp. He is a big boy with such a great personality. Strong hind legs with a nice long loin, built with a large, more dairy like frame.

All white cotswold ram. They lady I got him from said he was mean. Since coming to my farm he has never tried anything towards me or anyone here. I love his thick curls and his fleece has nice rear leg curls that are consistent. He has nice thick shoulder muscling and cant wait to see how the lambs turn out. He will be for sale 2020.


Tootsie is a Finn X Cotswold. Mom is Gusta and Dad is Bryce. Gorgous brown silver fleece on this ewe. She has nice long tight crimp locks. She has a well large over all frame with string legs. She is very friendly and halter trained. $350


He has the most uniformed and absolutely stunning all white fleece I have every seen on any sheep. He has a fantastic loin and very over all structurally correct. Thick muscling for a excellent  breeding ram.

Clun Forest ram. He is a large framed well built ram. It took me nearly 4 years before I choose a ram for my flock. He is excellent bred character. The one thing I would like to change is his face color. Overall he is a top pick. QR SCRAPIE RESISTANT.


Ari is a white ram with a gorgeous consistent fleece. He has strong thick conformation and muscling and i cant wait to see what he produces. He has some of my genetics in his background.

Daughter from Sweet Pea and George. All black Finnx2 X Clun Forest. She is in with a cotswold ram so could be bred. She will have great market % lamb numbers to help any meat farmer raise their #s. $500 bred.