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Rams and Ewes

Excellent dark brown consistent fleece, with great tight crimp. He is a big boy with such a great personality. Strong hind legs with a nice long loin, built with a large, more dairy like frame.

All White Cotswold ram. I bought him as a yearling. He was a little pushy with me to begin with, which is very unsual for this bred. I questioned breeding with him for this reason but decided to go right ahead anyways. Once in the the girls and not being pushed around with the other rams he settled in. I have not troubles with him now and will wait to see on his future lambs. He has more of a coarser, big thick lock formation. Still very nice lock formation even all the way through out. Will have to wait and see on this lambs.


He has the most uniformed and absolutely stunning fleece with the dalmatian spotting gene. He has a fantastic loin and very over all structurally correct. 

Clun Forest ram. He is a large framed well built ram. It took me nearly 4 years before I choose a ram for my flock. He is excellent bred character. I the one thing I would like to change is his face color. Overall he is a top pick. QR SCRAPIE RESISTANT.


Tootsie is a Finn X Cotswold. Mom is Gusta and Dad is Bryce. Gorgous brown silver fleece on this ewe. She has nice long tight crimp locks. She has a well large over all frame with string legs. She is very friendly and halter trained. $350

A large body, well put together ram. He is such a sweetheart! Consistent lock formation all the way through out his fleece. Curls go all the way to this rear legs with no loss in consistence. 

Abe was sold on Nov 10th. so anyone lambing past that date is bred to Levi.

Sweet Pea is a Clun Forest X Finn. She is the most oustanding fleeced animal on my farm. Her fleece is just like a merino and very elastic. She throws great fiber pets and large market animals. She has had a 1-2-(1) lambing record.