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This is for a Pork SHARE Deposit. We sell them in whole, half, or quarter shares. This means you will get meat from a whole pig, half a pig or a quart of a pig. This option allows you to choose how you want your pig cut up. If you don't have a preference just let me know.


Pork Shares are around 100-250lbs for a whole pig, 50-100lbs for half a pig, and 25-40lbs for a quart. Each pig varies by weight. If you have questions or want close to a certain weight just add it below.


Price - $4.50 lb for whole pig and $4.75 lb for half or quart shares. Butchering and Smoking are an additonal fee. Averages about $5.50lb.


PORK SHARE - This will be done with a custom butcher. You will need to sign 2  forms for the state of Vermont.


 If you prefer a USDA butcher you need to reach out as sson as possible to get you scheduled...they book out 6 months in advance and they will be additional fees. 

Pork Share Deposit

  • This option is not refundable or returnable.

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