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6 month sponsorship for $85 includes -

  • Cracked An Egg Farm Sponsorship Certificate, including a photo of your sponsored ewe

  • 5 note cards with your sponsor sheep on the cover.

  • A complete shepherd’s report, including:

    • fleece description

    • ewe history (years in flock)

    • number of lambs mothered

    • new years photos

  • Sponsors also receive a monthly to bi-monthly news letters with sales and special events


6 month plan starts they day you sign up. You will get updates monthy about your sheep.

Sponsor A Sheep - 6 months

  • Unfortunately we can not offer refunds for sponor a sheep. Sponsoring money goes right into vet bills, shearing, and other health care needs.

    **NOTE: As we have learned the painful way, livestock does not always survive, even with the best of care. We cannot guarantee that your sheep will survive the entire year of sponsorsheep. In the event of death, we will continue to send updates and pictures of the 'flock' unless you would like to pick a new sheep.**

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