We are participating in the "shave em' to save em'' program from the livestock conservancy!- we have both cotswold and clun forest.

Cracked An Egg Farm

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We are having our farm open house on October 3-4 at 10am-4pm 2020. We have 60 fleece plus 30 fall 2020 fleeces and roving in cotswold, clun forest , and finnsheep. We are going live on facebook at 3pm sunday.   If you have questions or would like to see fleeces, I am around both days on the farm. Please reach out to find out more info. We also gave goats milk soap, earring, needle felting kits, and FREE FLEECES! Check our facebook page for a preview of our products!  @crackedaneggfarm

191 Newton Rd, Brandon, VT 05733 

              Welcome to Cracked An Egg Farm, located in the beautiful Vermont countryside. We offer a great selection of show quality livestock, meats, and eggs. Our farm has been operational since 2004 and we pride ourselves on growing meats that look and taste great, as well as show and breeder quality sheep. We welcome you to visit our farm by appointment to see your food grown. We love seeing our returning customers as well as making new friends! We would love to have you visit - just call or email us to set an appointment! Thank You!

Ewes who have lambed for 2020 season already....check our for sale page for more information.

03/09 Adda - finn - (1)1 piebald badger ram lamb (retaining

04/05 Nellie#22- (2) clun forest - twin ewes

04/11 Bria - Finn - (4) 4 ram lambs (1 on bottle)

4/12 Sky- Clun Forest -(2) 1 ram, 1 ewe

4/13 Hazel - finn - (1) 1 ewe lamb (retaining)

4/13 Claire-finn- (4) 3 rams (2 on bottle) and 1 ewe (1 r retaining)

4/14 Bee- clun forest- (1)single ram (cant be reg)

4/16 Quinn#5- clun forest - (2)1 ewe, 1 ram

4/16 Willow- clun forest -(2) twin rams

4/17 Nora - finn -(5) 4 girls, 1 boy 

4/17 Sugar - clunxfinn -(2) twin ewe ( MOM and Lambs SOLD)

4/18 Ginger - clun forest - (1)1 ewe lamb 

4/21 Zoey- finn - (3) 2 black hst ram lambs, 1 ewe lamb

4/22 Venus- clun forest -(1) ram lamb

4/23 Mickie- finn - (3) 2 girls, 1 boy

4/24 Rachel- finn - (2) 2 girls

4/26 Jordan - finn -(3) 2 boys, 1 girl

4/26 Tootsie- cotswoldXfinn -(2) 2 boys

4/28 Gusta-  cotswold - (1) ram lamb (retaining)

5/02  Vivi- finn - (1) 1 ewe lamb 

5/05 Frenchie - cotswold -(1) 1 ram lamb

5/06 Edith - cotswold - (1)1 ewe lamb (cross with clun forest)

5/24 Julep - cotswold - (1)1 ram lamb white

6/14 Starlin - cotswold - (1) 1 ewe lamb (retaining)

7/17 abby - white twin ram lambs

7/24 lilly - white twin ram lambs

We have at the farm right now for sale:

Chicken Eggs    $3.50   a dozen

Duck Eggs      $6.00 dz Upon Request

Turkey Eggs    Sold out

Goose Eggs    Sold Out 

USDA Ground Mutton (mild taste)  $8.50 LB.

farm fresh chicken $5.50 lb 


(do NOT call if you are looking for same day service, as we have no cell service at our home.... we will not get your voice mail for about 3 days or so.) Email or text for a faster reply!

We also have at the farm right now for sale:

1 male pekin duck $15

1 male blue swedish $15

3 female muscovy ducks $35 each 

1 male muscovy duck $25

baby chicks $6 each

Meat birds - $6 each st 

muscovy ducklings soon $10 each 

Goat's Milk Soap

Sheep's Milk Soap

Felted Soap

Wool Dryer Balls

Toilet pods

Laundry Detergent

Bath Bombs

Wool scrubbies for cleaning

DIY kits 

shaving soap

lip balm

sugar scrubs 

any special requests as well!

Have you heard about our kids summer camp?

We are hosting a summer farm camp for kids ages 5-13. To learn more information on camp go to the farm camp tab. There are 3 pages to learn from!

Contact :

Meaghan Audet (Page)

(603) 312-7128 


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