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Meet The Team


You can find all our ewes here

Cotswold Ewes


Large framed ewe with a nice wide barrel. She has a very strong top line with well rounded rib cage. She is flighter for a cotswold but has a very nice big lock formation. Unsure on her exact lambing to date but 1-2-2-2-(1) record.

Bred to Savage

Lydia is a nice large framed cotswold. Her fleece isnt has good as the rest of her character. It is very soft and nice even long curls but not very constant throught. Her lambs are large framed and fast growing. She always gets bred to my best fleeced ram. She has had a 1 lambing record.

Bred to Savage
Jelly Bean

This girl is a pure colored Cotswold. Her fleece is long tight curls that are very soft. She has a strong top line and has very thick wooly back legs. Great breed character and I look forward to watching her grow up. Her mom is Julep and her dad is Levi.

Bred to Dude
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